Hopping Rabbit
Hopping Rabbit
Hopping Rabbit
Hopping Rabbit
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Price: $19.95

Product Description
  • AGE: Recommended for ages 12 months and older
  • All Plan Toys uses a chemical-free kiln-drying process.
  • Material: Made of rubber wood and/or used in harmony with PlanWood(condensed reclaimed rubber wood sawdust) with water based dyes and a non-toxic finish
  • All printed material is soy ink and recycled paper
  • Encourages gross motor, imaginative play
  • Amuse and entertain your little one Plan Toys Hopping Rabbit
  • Wooden pulley toy
  • features wooden wheels When pulled, the wheel movement allows it to look like it is hopping like a real rabbit.
  • Under the Green Concept Design Plan Toys utilizing a minimal waste concept
  • Wipe clean
  • Made in Thailand